2017 Award Entry

Award Submission Details and Conference Information Needed
Information on where to send 2019 award entries and Conference Information.

International Awards

Dr Nina Fay Calhoun International Relations Award
Outstanding club achievement in International Relations.
Entry due to District 1st March.

Dr. Nina Fay Calhoun Award Submissions

Letha H Brown Literacy Award
Outstanding Literacy Project Award with Service to the Community projects.
Entry due to District 1st March.

Letha H Brown Literacy Award (District Eleven)
Alternate form for submission of the Letha H Brown Literacy Award - for District Eleven. Outstanding Literacy Project Award with Service to the Community projects.
Entry due to District 1st March.

Example Letha H. Brown Award Submissions

Mamie L Bass Community Service Award
Outstanding Community service Award
Entry due to District 1st March.

Example Mamie L. Bass Award Submissions

Community Leadership Award

Eleanor Roosevelt Humanitarian Award Award

ASTRA Service Award

Awards Advice

Tips and Hints on Entering the Service Awards

District Eleven Awards

Award file must be downloaded in order to type into form!

Marilyn Atwood Award
This award was established in 1994 by the District Eleven's Board of Directors in memory of Marilyn Atwood, a member of the Antelope Valley Club and a former District Eleven Chairman. The award is given on an annual basis to an Altrusan for extended and unsung service to Altrusa. It is designed to recognize an active member who has made a lasting contribution to the organization as a result of involvement and dedication to their local Altrusa club over a period of many years. The award is presented each year at District Eleven Conference.
Entry due 1 March 2019.


Membership Forms

Recommendation for Membership Form

Emeritus Membership Form

Affiliate Membership Form should be used to register a new member. A copy of this form should be shared with your:

  • Club Treasurer
  • Club Membership Chair
  • Club President
  • District Treasurer
  • District Membership Chair, and
  • District Governor.

You do not need to send a copy of this form to the International Office. Instead you can register your new member, and pay their International Dues, using the new Altrusa International website

Note that Emeritus Membership status must be applied for at least 3 months before 1st of June dues rollover. If the dues of the member applying for emeritus status are not current then their application will not be successful.

ASTRA Club Membership

Guide for ASTRA Club Members

Guide for Advising an ASTRA Club

Club Membership Committee

Guide for Club Membership Committee

Membership Workshop Template

Sponsorship and Ceremonies

Sponsors Guide

Initiation Ceremonies

Altrusa Installations

New Member Kit

The content of a New Member Kit, or whether there is one given at all, is up to each individual club. These resources may be useful:

Altrusa International Brochure

Welcome from International President Leanne Milligan

Altrusa Foundation Brochure

Altrusa Resource Guide

Club 21 Brochure

Club 21 Membership/Renewal Form

As a club you might also include:

  • A copy of your club yearbook that includes club policies
  • A copy of your latest club newsletter
  • A few of your club business cards
  • A copy of your club brochure or rack card
  • A Club Membership Certificate

You should also present an Altrusa membership pin & name badge to every new member.


Remember, if your club is under charter strength, you are eligible for revitalisation funding from District Eleven.

Revitalisation Fund Application

Club Revitalisation Manual

Membership Growth Action Plan

Chris Collie Recruitment and Retention Tips

New Club Building

New Club Building Manual

New Club Building Material Kit




Altrusa reflects what so many leaders are searching for; an opportunity to develop their leadership skills. Being a leader can be as great as getting your club and your community stakeholders to address important needs in your community or as simple as participating on a community service project team.

Annual Board Reports

May,2017 Annual District Eleven Board Reports

Leadership Opportunities

Find out more about the opportunities available at club and district level by reading job descriptions for the

Club Board & Committee Chairs

District Board Job Descriptions

District Chair Job Descriptions

District ASTRA Chair

District Communications Chair

District DSB Editor

District Leadership Chair

District Literacy Chair

District Membership Chair

District New Club Building Chair

District Service Chair

District Webmaster